Tooth extraction could seem to be a little scary to some, but it is necessary in certain cases. It is a standard procedure where a tooth is removed from its socket. You can get the procedure for pulling a tooth baton rouge done at a qualified dentist’s office.

Why is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Many dental issues like tooth decay or damage due to accidents can be fixed with a filling, crown, or some other dental procedure. However, sometimes, when the damage is way too severe, then tooth extraction is needed.

Given below are some of the cases when you need a tooth extraction.

Severe Tooth Decay

When the tooth decay reaches the center of the tooth, the bacteria can decay and ultimately invade the pulp.

If the infection is severe, you need to resort to tooth extraction to get rid of it.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are also extracted before or after they come in. Wisdom teeth are often known to cause unbearable pain and can even protrude the inner walls of your cheek.

Braces/ Orthodontic

People who want to get braces or some other dental treatment might also teeth extraction. This is done to make room for the teeth that need to be moved to that place.

Extra Teeth

If all the baby teeth haven’t yet fallen for the permanent teeth to come in, then extraction might be necessary. If an adult tooth is blocked from coming out then your dentist might recommend extracting the baby tooth.

Final Words

If your doctor finds that certain teeth have faced severe damage or decay and cannot be restored, then extraction is necessary. The procedure is necessary to prevent the infection from spreading.

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The dentist will evaluate your situation carefully and provide recommendations accordingly. Tooth extraction doesn’t take long as it is done on the same day.